Code of Conduct

Sonaecom has in place a set of internal guidelines that are designed to guarantee the ethical and responsible behaviour of the organization.

The Code of Conduct deals with topics ranging from integrity, transparency, respect, social responsibility, environmental commitment, health and safety, confidentiality and use of privileged information, to managing conflicts of interests and communicating irregularities. Sonaecom’s employees and suppliers, including external consultants, are required to comply with by these guidelines, and to always follow them in the carrying out of their activities.

Under the scope of this Code of Ethics, Sonaecom has created an Ethics Committee, whose responsibility includes ensuring that doubts are clarified and reporting and dealing with alleged violations of the Code.



Any individual who seeks to report an irregularity that they think has been or know to have been committed by any manager, staff member or partner of Sonaecom shall do so through a letter sent to the Statutory Audit Board, with a brief description of the facts. The identity of the discloser will be kept anonymous if this is expressly requested.
The complaint will be analysed and, if there are grounds for reporting an irregularity, the appropriate steps will be taken.

The Statutory Audit Board has statutory accountability in this process, specifically to receive reports of alleged irregularities, submitted by company stockholders, by staff or by other parties. After the receipt, the Statutory Audit Board must record all alleged irregularities reported, undertake an investigation with due diligence by the Board of Directors through internal and/or external auditing, and to report its/their conclusions.